7 Best Places to Visit in April in India for Couples 2024

Want to travel for some time with your partner right, but don’t know where to go? Don’t worry in this post we will show you the Best Places to Visit in April in India for Couples in 2024.

You can visit many places in India during April, and every place has advantages and specialties. 

Whether you like Mountain views and beautiful beaches in this blog we will show you all the best destinations for your next couple of trips.

 So pack your bags and get ready to discover the best places to visit in India for an unforgettable April experience.

1. Kashmir

In India, the Spring season starts in April, and during this time nature blooms at the peak of its glory. And that’s why it is the perfect month for couples to go out and enjoy.

Among all the popular destinations Kashmir is the best and most popular palace for a honeymoon or picnic. It offers a blend of breathtaking landscapes, rich culture, and serenity.

Kashmir is also known as “Paradise on Earth,” and rightly so. The mountains have snowy tops, the valleys are green and beautiful, and the lakes are clear and clean.

If you visit Kashmir then you shouldn’t miss one place called “Dal Lake”. Here, couples can take a peaceful boat ride in floating gardens and decorated houseboats.

There’s a beautiful garden with colorful flowers and little streams of water the Mughal Gardens. It’s a great place for a romantic walk.

Like nature? Pahalgam is amazing! It has peaceful meadows, and rivers, and is very calm. It’s a great place for couples to enjoy nature together.

2. Udaipur

Udaipur the city nicknamed “The City of Lakes” or “The Venice of the East” is a beautiful city in Rajasthan, India.

It has amazing views, gorgeous places, and beautiful buildings. Which makes it perfect for couples who want a romantic trip.

If you are going to Udaipur then one of the most beautiful places in Udaipur is the iconic lake Pichola. You can take a romantic boat ride on this beautiful lake and enjoy the beautiful view of the city palace, Jag Mandir, and the Aravalli hills.

If you want to know more about the ancient culture and history of Udaipur city then must visit the city palace. It is a big palace with beautiful Stunning courtyards, intricate carvings, and ancient buildings.

city palace, udaipur

If you want to make your sunset memorable in Udaipur then you should visit a beautiful garden called “Saheliyon ki Bari”.

It’s full of fountains, green plants, and pretty buildings. It’s a very peaceful place for couples to walk around and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

3. Munnar

3rd place on our list is Munnar, a beautiful place in the mountains of Kerala. It’s a perfect place for couples who want a romantic trip surrounded by nature.

Munnar is famous for its beautiful tea gardens, foggy valleys, and amazing weather. In April when spring arrives, Munnar becomes even more beautiful than ever before. It’s a great place for couples who want to relax and enjoy each other’s company. 

You can take relaxing walks, holding hands, around the large tea gardens.

You can take relaxing walks, holding hands, around the large tea gardens. In Kerala, Munnar there is Eravikulam National Park, you can visit this beautiful place and see amazing tahr goats and colored flowers.

Overall, Munnar is a beautiful place, if you love nature and a peaceful environment. It has wonderful scenery that will create forever memories.

4. Coorg

Coorg is another beautiful place for couples who want to go for a romantic trip in April. It is nicknamed as “Scotland of India”. 

It has lovely coffee farms, mountains with mist, and beautiful scenery a perfect destination you will never forget.

In Coorg, Abbey falls is must visit place. Here the waterfalls splash down through green trees, make it perfect place for romantic walk.

And if you and your partner love adventure, then you can visit Tadiandamol, Coorg’s highest peak. from top you’ll see amazing views of the valley and forests below.

if you love to know about history and buildings, you can visit Madikeri Fort and Omkareshwara Temple.

couples who love a romantic getaway can choose between cozy homestays or fancy resorts. These places are surrounded by nature, and perfect for relaxing.

To end the day on a good note you can take a walk around the Kaveri River and enjoy the beautiful sunset and also enjoy bonfire dinner under stars.

5. Lakshadweep

There are lots of islands in India but Lakshadweep is the perfect destination for couples who want a peaceful and beautiful getaway.

Lakshadweep is a combination of 36 amazing islands in the Arabian Sea. These islands have clean water, soft white beaches, and plenty of trees and plants.

Among 36 islands Bangaram island is a perfect place for couples in Lakshadweep. You can do a romantic picnic on the beach, and hold hands while scuba diving or just relax and watch the beautiful sunset.

Another amazing Island called Minicoy is also amazing, with calm water, cute little villages, and old lighthouses. it’s great place to walk with someone you love and explore local culture.

Overall, Lakshadweep is a great place for couples. You can relax on beautiful beaches or go on exciting water adventures!

6. Shillong

Shillong is a beautiful city in the hills of Meghalaya, a state in northeast India. This beutiful city is nicknamed as “Scotland of the East”. It is famous for it’s cool weather, green hills and waterfalls.

In Shilong you can visit Ward’s Lake which very beutiful place. it has colorful flowers, calm water, making it perfect for couples to walk and have a romantic time.

After visiting ward’s lake you can visit shiliong peak. From there you can get amazing views of the whole city from top. Here you can enjoy beutiful sunsets or sunrises.

If you like nature and want to feel bit spiritual, then you should visit Elephant Falls and the sacred Fotest.

You can try local food at cafes and restaurants in shillong to makes a romantic trip even better. Overall Shillong is very beutiful pace to visit in april.

7. Ooty

Another beautiful hill station in India is Ooty, located in southern India. It is surrounded by green mountains and peaceful nature.

Most of the places in India are hot during April, but Ooty is cool and beautiful with nice weather and flowers.

The Must-visit place in Ooty is Ooty Lake. You can take a boat ride with your partner and enjoy the amazing view of the hills around you.

There’s also a beautiful garden in Ooty with lots of trees and plants, a perfect place for a romantic walk.

Nilgiri Mountain Railway

Another beautiful place you should visit is the Nilgiri Mountain Railway. This train ride is famous and won the award by UNESCO. It passes through Valleys and tea Plantations, so you will see amazing scenery and enjoy the beauty of nature.

If you want to enjoy sunset or sunset then you should visit Doddabetta Peak, the tallest mountain in the Nilgiri Hills.

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